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Meet the new LED Light Therapy Wand.

It uses Red, Blue and Green lights to fight acne, even your complexion, and boost your collagen; helping you achieve your best skin ever.

LED Light Therapy Wand
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The LED Light Therapy Wand was designed by women with Imperfect SkinHaving experienced severe acne ourselves, we also want to help as many people achieve their healthiest skin possible, by clearing acne, fading dark spots & scars, and stimulating NEW collagen growth for a youthful glow.

Our wand has 45 LEDs, 3 therapeutic colors, and one of the largest screen sizes on the market for wands: over 17.35 cm² or 2.68 in² of effective light surface area - which means more light penetrating your skin in a lightweight, handy device.

Why wands over face masks? The versatility - there's no need to lie in bed immobile during every treatment, and you can use your wand anywhere on your body where there is acne, burns or scarring.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

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