Our Wand

The LED Light Therapy Wand uses therapeutic wavelengths of visible light in specifically Red, Blue and Green to deliver amazing healing benefits to your skin.  Visible light is 100% UV free and safe to use for all skin.

The LED Light Therapy Wand is specifically designed for those Acne-Prone Skin - and as acne veterans, we know that acne doesn't just show up on your face.

Our wand has 45 Light Emitting Diodes, 3 Colors, and one of the largest screen sizes on the market for wands: over 17.35 cm² or 2.68 in² of effective light surface area - which means more light penetrating your skin in a lightweight, handy device.

The advantage of our wand over conventional LED Face Masks is the versatility - there's no need to lie in bed immobile during every treatment, and you can use this wand anywhere on your body where there is acne, burns or scarring.

Each clinical Light Therapy treatment can cost you upwards of $50-$100.  The LED Light Therapy Wand is a one-time purchase and you can use your device anytime and conveniently at home!

What's so great about our handheld wand is that you can use it anywhere, unlike LED face masks.

In addition to the face and neck areas, you can also use your wand on your chest and scalp.

Not just acne!  Light Therapy was been extensively studied and recommended for many other skin concerns, such as Rosacea, Aging Skin, Sun Damage, and Hair Loss

Red Light has been shown to help with Fine Lines, Sun Damage and Hair Loss.

Green Light offers great relief for Rosacea.

1. Start with cleansed, makeup-free skin.

2. Wearing the protective goggles provided, press the button on the device to turn it on, then choose your desired color by pressing again which alternates between each color of light.  Do not look directly into the lights.

3. Place and lightly hold the device on the area of the face or body you'd like to treat for 30 seconds up to 5 minutes, then switch to another area. The device will automatically shut off after 10 minutes of use.

4. Clean device after each use with an alcohol wipe.

5. Finish with your favorite moisturizer, actives, and eye cream.  Make sure to use SPF in the daytime.

We recommend incorporating the LED Light Therapy Wand into your routine starting with 4 nights a week for 10 minutes each session; increase frequency up to twice daily depending on your skin sensitivity.  Make sure to always use SPF in the daytime and do not use during the day if you will encounter sun exposure that day.

You may see results as soon as one week after use; it depends on every user's unique skin condition.  8 weeks of consistent use should reveal noticable results for most.  Remember, consistency is key.  Photodynamic Therapy is not an overnight miracle!

Note: Individual results may vary due to frequency of use, severity of skin condition, etc.  

Yes! Any skin tone can benefit from using the LED Light Therapy Wand.

LED Light Therapy is a relatively safe treatment, but please consult your doctor before starting this treatment if you are under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding, taking steroid medications, or have underlying medical or skin conditions.

Gently clean the surface of the device before and after each use with an alcohol wipe.  Do NOT submerge the device in water.

The LED Light Therapy Wand is manufactured in Shenzhen - China's technology capital just north of Hong Kong.  Our manufacturer is a leader in the personal beauty technology sector. 

See selected studies here.

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