Our Story

Our Values

Glow Up Facial is proudly female and acne-conquerer owned. Our mission is to normalize acne, skin texture, and scars,  so you won't find any ridiculous Photoshop here. We believe that the journey to clear skin is not linear; we all have bad days and good days and all days are worth celebrating.

Her Acne Story

Our founder's acne journey began in elementary school, when she was barely 10 years old. No other kids around had acne. She was too young to wear makeup. Pimple creams didn't work and only dried out her inflamed skin. She carried her shame and embarrassment well throughout high school and college.

When her skin condition grew drastically worse in her early 20's, with cysts so large and painful there wasn't a patch of clear skin to be seen, she finally sought a dermatologist for help. And that's how she discovered the amazing effects of Light Therapy.  Taking back control of her skin helped her regain self-esteem and confidence.

This sparked an idea that Light Therapy could be made for anyone to benefit and use at home. This is how Glow Up Facial was born.